Your Innovation Readiness Assessment

Innovation requires a complex mix of skills and attitude that are usually widely spread across your organisation.

Pooling the right competences into a small and agile team, which focuses on customer needs and progresses in a fast and agile way is often the key to success.

At Lean Studio, we are used to help small teams within medium and large organisations to make fast progress towards (disruptive) innovation. We would be delighted to explain you how risk free and fast it can be!

Meanwhile, we have prepared a detailed report - based on your answers to this questionnaire - to provide you with some good indications about your innovation readiness level, as well as some suggested readings to move forward.

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  • Customer Insights & Centricity/Orientation
  • Technology Dependency
  • Leadership & Ambition
  • Organisation & Collaboration
  • People & Culture
  • Implementation & Measurement
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