Innovation Readiness


Customer Insights & Centricity/Orientation

Many companies claim to be customer centric, but fail to focus on what their customers need when they develop new products or services

  • Before developing a new product/service, do you intensively look for customer problems/needs?
  • Do you continuously validate your hypothesis with real customers at every step of the product development?
  • Do you validate your customer interest via prototypes / test groups?
  • Is your company actively present on social networks, and use them to monitor customers’ attitude, to interact with them to obtain inputs?

Technology Dependency

Technology is the main cause of disruption in many industries, and the pace will continue to accelerate

  • Do you know which of the following technologies could impact your domain of activity ?
    (Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence (deep learning), Big data, Open data, IoT, Bots (robots, chatbots), 3D printing / additive manufacturing, nano technologies, etc...)
  • Do you already master some of these technologies, or are you actively experimenting with them ?

Leadership & Ambition

There is no quick fix for successful innovation, it needs to be high on your corporate agenda

  • Does your corporate strategy include innovation as a key ambition? Are top executives actively involved in innovation?
  • Do your corporate objectives cater for short, mid and long term initiatives?
  • Is the importance of innovation translated into concrete measures on your HR policies (available time, reward system, stimulation of risk taking, …)
  • Are human resources sufficiently available to work on innovation projects?
  • Does your company devote a follow-up budget for innovation experiments and implementation?

Organisation & Collaboration

Innovation does not happen by coincidence, successful innovators organise themselves to maximise their potential

  • Is your company acquainted with the lean startups and agile methods?
  • Does your company organize hackathons, incubators, accelerators to stimulate innovation?
  • Is open communication stimulated and facilitated with adequate communication tools?
  • Is learning considered as a valuable resource to the future of the company?
  • Does the company establish links / invest in external ecosystems and startups?

People & Culture

Finding innovative ideas is the easy part, identifying people who are willing to move out of their comfort zone is key

  • Does your company culture allow for risk taking?
  • The payback on innovative initiatives is usually mid to long term. Is this compatible with your company’s ambition?
  • Can you identify people within the company who are willing to move out of their comfort zone, and challenge the status quo?
  • Are people stimulated to challenge the status quo, and to remove roadblocks?
  • Are team members allowed to dedicate time to new initiatives, outside of their purely operational duties?

Implementation & Measurement

Ideas are cheap, but execution is what makes the difference

  • Is the Lean Startup approach already applied in the organisation?
  • Does your IT department actively support the agile approach?
  • Is your company acquainted with online marketing techniques such as growth hacking?
  • Are you familiar with the Lean Startup and design thinking methodologies?
  • Are you familiar with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and prototyping techniques?
  • Do you define measurable objectives and track them?
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